Thank you to everyone that has stopped by. You all deserve a high-five.

Creative Density opened it’s doors just over a month ago with the betaOpen on May 18th, and the energy in the house is quickly building. In the last month over forty amazing people have discovered coworking and brought a diverse set of skills and talents together. Writers, developers, designers, business consultants, and many others are feeding off each other’s energy, learning new skills, and making connections that would have been difficult working in the isolation of the home office or coffee house.

Since June 1st over twelve members have joined our Denver coworking community in the last three weeks. We have members traveling from Boulder and Evergreen, and regular users all the way from Fort Collins, making Creative Density their coworking community in the Denver region. Of course, most of the members are from the Capitol Hill or Uptown neighborhoods with some living right across the street. I never expected the community to have such geographic reach but we are stronger because of it with the new connections outside of the Denver circle and differing perspectives due to not living in the city. It keeps the energy alive.

The energy will keep building as Creative Density continues to grow and we expect to have 15 to 20 members by the end of July, well ahead of original expectations and a faster growth than most new coworking spaces. We are happy to help bring a new coworking renaissance to Denver and hopefully there will be over 200 coworkers in our friendly mountain city.

Thanks to everyone that has visited us and found a new way of working during our first month. Stop by Creative Density at anytime to discover coworking in Denver with our free day pass.

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