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Is this a good property for coworking? 17 questions to ask

Coworking can be successful in most locations if you have a large community built up and they are willing to go there. However, most coworking spaces start with an initial group of 10 and expect others to join over time, and the location will be an important factor in...

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Coworking vs. Office Space: What’s the Right Mix?

When the coworking industry started in in the mid-2000s, most coworking owners were against creating closed-off offices in their spaces. Offices were perceived as ‘the man’ creeping into our chaotic perfect world of open and collaborative coworking...

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Podcasts that make us laugh, ponder, and get motivated.

Podcasts seem to be the latest rage as blogs and Youtube videos become the norm. The community at Creative Density has been well ahead of this trend with some of us listening to podcasts since 2004. I guess we are just cutting edge individuals. This doesn’t mean we...

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New offices becoming available in Uptown and Capitol Hill

We have two offices becoming available in our main campus in Uptown. They are good small team offices for people from one to four people and they rent for $750 to $850 a month. The best part of claiming one of these offices for your Denver team is that they are part...

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Creative Density launches on DeskPass

We are excited to announce that Craig Baute, Creative Density’s owner, has helped launch a new coworking passport in Colorado called DeskPass. It’s a new mobile coworking membership for people that are coworking curious or need to be able to access spaces all around...

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A Guide to our Favorite Lunch Spots in Uptown

TGIF. Friday lunch is our favorite time of the week at the Creative Density community.   Friday lunch time is so great because it’s a time for new members to get to know each other. It has literally been the foundation of our community over the last several...

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Denver Freelancer Vacation Calculator

Freelancers choose freelancing as a lifestyle choice in which there’s no boss, a flexible schedule and can more easily blend their daily activities around their work schedule. It’s a freeing lifestyle but freedom can also mean loose and chaotic. Freelancers are not...

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ABC News 7 stops by Creative Density

Yahoo was in the news last week about an alleged government program that scanned Yahoo's email. The Denver News 7 team stopped by our coworking space to get reactions from small business owners and remote workers. Craig was interviewed at the big table to get his...

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We’re the Welcoming Committee for Newbies to Denver

'I just moved here and thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house' - basically said from 3/4 of our community Creative Density has always been made up of remote workers and freelancers but for a long time I've noticed there is another thing that connects...

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