Coworking is a new and exciting way to bring people together that are location independent and understand the value in working besides others versus alone all day, everyday. One of the most exciting elements of coworking is the wide range of expertise and professional perspectives working side by side. A freelance web designer could recommend a new easy to use way to share large files to a remote workers managing a few large projects across multiple team. A copywrighter might swivel their chair around to ask a graphic designer’s opinion on the format of their press release so it’s appealing on a website or blog. These encounters wouldn’t happen when sitting at home watching Ellen or at Starbucks surrounded by strangers. Coworking allows for these relationships and sharing of skills to happen on a daily basis.[pullquote align=”left” font size=”large”]These conversations wouldn’t happen at Starbucks.[/pullquote]

All benefit

Freelancers, small businesses, and corporate workers all face similar issues but because of their size they might tackle the problems differently. By putting a range of people together coworkers are able to help each other out and learn how to navigate the complicated business world. This not only help projects get done faster with greater effectiveness, but makes the entire coworking community smarter with knowledge being shared in a natural and fun way.

Don’t be left Googling everything

Many people start tackling a problem with a Google search and spending the next 4 hours trouble shooting or aimlessly pondering a problem without every knowing if they have discovered the best solution. Don’t be left Googling every question you have and ask someone. The coworkers at Creative Density are smart and friendly people that want to help and will personally show you or talk you through your problem. And if they don’t know how to solve the problem they will be an extra computer Googling the problem with you.

Be among the experts of Denver Creative Density is made up of 40% freelancers, 30% small businesses, and 30% corporate workers that range from people in sales, to software development, to graphic designers. They are constantly sharing ideas over lunch or at one of our community events. The larger the community becomes the larger the more diverse the expertise and the richer the conversations. Coworking and Creative Density is becoming that platform for the workers of Denver.