Coworking has grown from 350 to over 800 coworking facilities in the last two years as more employers and independents discover the benefits of coworking. It has proven to help workers be more creative and productive compared to working from home because of the energized environment and added accountability of having people around.
The warm fuzzies of coworking and working together get a lot of people excited but numbers speak volumes to others. Here are some fun stats about coworking from the Global Coworking Survey by Desk Mag.
  • 82% are more motivated
  • 91% now have better interactions with others
  • 50% report higher incomes
  • 60% are more relaxed at home since coworking
  • 92% are highly satisfied or satisfied with their coworking space
  • 78% of coworkers are under 40
  • 40% are web developers/designers, 13% PR consultants, 43% a mix of others
  • 18% entrepreneurs with employees, 35% are company employees working remote, 8% are employers of companies with 100 + employees
  • 75% have at least a 4-year degree
  • 30% walk or bike to coworking
  • $192 is the average cost of a flexible desk


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