Help a Coworker is a new show and tell series that is intended for members to display a current project they are working on and get instant feedback on it. This could be a website design that you struggling with, a blog post that isn’t coming together just right, an app that is bloated with feature creep, or anything else you want the collective brains of Creative Density to brainstorm.

We’ll have Help a Coworker at noon and have lunch together during the presentation. It’s casual, fun, and very helpful.

The format (not rigid, but guidelines)

  • 7 mins: Members present their project
  • 10 mins: Team brainstorming
  • Wrap-up and note taking
  • Repeat (two presenters)

If you want to present at Help a Coworker than contact Craig at or talk to him next time you are in. We will start the series in the next two weeks and it will be open to the public.