We are excited to announce that Creative Density members now get free coworking at Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall through a space exchange deal with Scrib. Scrib is an exciting new coworking space at 2060 North Broadway with many digital ad agencies, app startups, and innovative social enterprises making Scrib their HQ.

This new collaboration between front range coworking spaces means CD members get two free days each month at Scrib and vis-versa. In total CD members can travel to see clients or extend their vacation by working in Boulder or further north in downtown Fort Collins at Cohere with our space exchange program.

If you are looking to travel beyond Colorado then you take advantage of the Coworking Visa program that all CD members are automcatically part of. This allows for free coworking in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Sydney, and dozens of other cities throughout the world. The coworking community is very supportive of each other and we are proud to be part of the Coworking Visa..