Creative Density was created to be a support and social community for the mobile workers of Denver, and in our first few weeks we had over 10 coworkers working and laughing here. Now I am proud to announce that our coworking community in Denver has grown to over 30 smart and amazing people. This is no small feat for a new disruptive force changing the way people work and connect in the age of mobile technology and entrepreneurship.

The 30 awesome people that make up Creative Density helps keep work exciting as we are able to learn from each other, push us to get projects done, and relax on the patio with a Denver Pale Ale. The web developers share code and work together on projects, the remote corporate workers help the freelancers navigate connections of big business, and the startups get immediate and honest feedback on new products. The idea of coworking and sharing more than space, but also being open to sharing skills and building relationships drives coworking and makes it a powerful movement. With 30 members and growing every week the coworking movement and its ideas are going to be around in Denver for years to come.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of the march to 30. We’ll see you at 60 very soon.

Keep being awesome.