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Becoming a freelancer is simultaneously one of the most freeing and frightening life adventures you will ever be a part of.


In time, you grow a strong and refreshing client source that allows you to leap from exciting project to exciting project. You feel yourself a master of your own time as you’re no longer chained to some overlord’s desk from morning to midnight.


The key words here are: in time.


Right now, you are just as likely to be feeling the stinky breath of reality that asks on repeat, where is your next paycheck coming from? How will you pay your rent? How will you pay for those groceries at Trader Joe’s?


Have no fear. Being a freelancer no longer means you have to go it alone. There is help for Denver’s non-typical workers. In fact, this thriving city of Denver in which we live is bursting with resources to help freelancers like yourself.


While coworking with other freelancers and teams is a great way to gain exposure and develop relationships here, Denver has many other online resources that are just as nifty.


Here’s a few:


The Denver Egotist

The Egotist focuses on local creative and related jobs (project management, account executive, etc.) primarily and is a great resource for freelance job seekers and companies. This service is used by many local agencies located along the front range. It is a freemium model.



Simpalo is a new service that focuses on local companies hiring local freelancers. It was started by a brother team in Denver and have a very personal touch meeting with companies and freelancers on a regular basis. Since they work with local companies and freelancers you can expect the pay to appropriate versus fighting with oversea wages and freelancers working closely with the client.




Deskpass is a membership service that allows you take advantage of different shared workspaces all over. While they had started out in Chicago and L.A., they have since connected to our Mile High City, allowing freelancers like yourself choose to work where you’d like to.


The Creative Group

This is a large international recruiting agency with a local Denver office. They often work with larger companies in the area like Einstein Bagels and Dish Networks. They have a variety of work across all fields and a helpful website listing appropriate wages for projects and tips.


Built In Colorado

Built In Colorado has been up since 2012 and is mainly a magazine and jobs board site for startups in Colorado, with a heavy focus on Denver and Boulder. The jobs posted are mainly for developers but there are a good handful of gigs for creatives and marketers. This is a good resource if you want to work with young and exciting companies.


The Creative Density community  full of friendly freelancers and remote workers that are working hard to balance life, work, fun. We like to help out by doing little things such as having barbecues, sports, and impromptu lunch runs.


It’s an exciting time to be a freelancer and we hope these tools help you create the life you want.


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