I was recently asked what is an important trait to look for in a coworking community? I tried to think of something long and sophisticated since I was being recorded for a podcasts but the answer I kept coming back to was simple; do the coworkers know each other’s name?
Part one: Do coworker know each others name?

At Creative Density in Denver and other coworking spaces throughout the world the managers put a strong emphasis on creating a sense of community and camaraderie among members. This is easy to do when ten or fewer members use the space, but what about when the community grows to 20 or 30 members?

To help members get to know each other and build a strong sense of community I’ve relied on a customizable member board, interactive day events, and good ‘ol hospitality. I recommend new members to spend their first day or two at Density’s large high-top where members are a bit more chatty and share blog posts and ideas freely. To help members get a better idea of what members are working on Creative Density has started doing more day time events about design, development, and brainstorming activities. Then there is the member board that members can customize to add fun traits about themselves like having a goal of hiking a 14er, love of Jersey Boys, or an obsession with Eames design. All of these activities combined with a culture of openness creates a fun and energetic coworking community where everyone knows each others name.

When you go to a coworking community for the first time ask the coworkers about the community and how many people they know by name. Ask bluntly and the coworkers will responded honestly. You’ll have a good idea of the community after that.