At the start of the new year I started to get more interest in people making resolutions to get out of the house and get an office or join a coworking community. Since coworking is a new concept I always anticipate on explaining how coworking is more like a clubhouse to work versus an office that is rented. Some people get it and some people don’t.

You don’t rent.
Renting is a temporary transfer of ownership that just does not exists to the extent that people are familiar with in a traditional office space where a lease is signed. People don’t rent because there isn’t much to rent and claim their own since we share Wifi, printing, space, and ideas.

Coworking is a membership driven organization where members purchase a plan to join a community of like-minded freelancers and remote workers. Members simply purchase a monthly membership on a month-by-month basis that helps pay for the workspace that we all share.

You join.
Coworking is place of relationships versus property. Many coworking spaces do have permanent desks where members can bring a large monitor and decorate a desk but they are first and foremost joining a community of ideas. A coworking community brings people together to work side-by-side in which develops relationships, ignites ideas, and creates an environment of camaraderie. Yes, it’s a place to work but it’s also a place to belong.