Yesterday the state of Colorado went into a state of emergency over COVID-19, or the known coronavirus. The safety of our members are very important we are taking precautions to help prevent the spread of the disease. Here are a few things we are doing.

March Rollover – We’ll miss you, but stay home if you are sick
We all love working together. However, if you are sick please stay home. We are allowing unused coworking days in March to roll over into April.

Cleaning surfaces 3 times a day and wipes are readily available
We will now disinfect all desktops, doorknobs, shared keyboards, and table surfaces three times a day to help keep the place clean. This will happen every morning, mid-day, and at closing.

We have also placed cleaning wipes in the entryway, kitchen area, and in a few additional spots throughout the space. We want cleaning wipes to be readily available for anyone that wants to take extra precautions. We encourage it.

Signs to Encourage Washing Hands
We have added several signs throughout the place to encourage everyone to wash their hands and practice good hygiene. It’s always a good reminder.

Professional Cleanings have Doubled
Our cleaner is now coming in on a more regular basis to clean and disinfect more surfaces.

We are open to other suggestions and ideas to make Creative Density the safest coworking space in Denver. Email us with any other ideas.