A vibrant hub for remote workers and freelancers attached to Fluid Coffee. 

We’ve moved and combined forces with Fluid coffee!

Our awesome community is now at 535 East 19th Ave. It’s like working at a coffee shop, but with quiet areas, ergonomic chairs, second monitors, soundproof phone booths, and a great group of friends. Monthly and day passes are available.

Coffee Shop
& Friendly Vibe

Do you want heads down space or an active vibe? We offer both at our new location in partnership with Fluid Coffee in Uptown. It’s fun, cozy, and still productive. 

& Phone Rooms

As a remote worker hub, we have everything you need to be productive. That includes monitors, phone rooms, free Fluid coffee, and amazing people.


Lunch spots

Whether you want Mexican from Las Delicious, a sandwhich at Marczyks, or a snickerdoodle latte, you’ll have a different yummy lunch spot every day of the week.

Coworking in the phone booth, perfect for remote workers.
Denver Coworking in the quiet room.
Remote workers and freelancers coworking in the loud side
Denver Coworking and yard games for freelancers

Monthly Pricing

All inclusive with 24/7 access, fast internet, craft coffee, meeting room space, kitchenette, and much more.
First and last month required to move in for offices. Cancel anytime.


4 days a month
Shared Desks


3 hours of meeting room

3 hours of podcasting


per month


Unlimited Business Hours
Shared Desks


5 hours of meeting room

5 hours of podcasting


per month


24/7 Access
Shared Desks


8 hours of meeting room

8 hours of podcasting


per month


Unlimited Days
Dedicated Desk


10 hours of meeting room

10 hours of podcasting


per month

Everything you need, plus free monitors
(we’re the only ones that do that).

Awesome people are just the start. We also have 3 phone booths, strong WiFi, great coffee from Fluid, printing & more.

24/7 Access

Craft Beer

Extra Monitors

Phone Booths

Bike Storage

Great Coffee

Fast Wifi

Yard Games

Conference Room

Great Lunch Spots



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