If you’ve been paying attention to our instagram, you’ve noticed we’ve been highlighting special freelancers in the Denver area who were kind enough to share with us how COVID-19 had affected their work and offered some sound advice to fellow hardworking freelancers. 

Zach VanCamp has been a part of the Graphic Design, Branding, and Illustration industry for 12 years! His company, VanCamp Designs, has been in business for two years. Zach explains that he’s been really lucky to have such great clients who are viewing this pause as a chance to get things done and quietly launch a new website, overhaul their branding, and plan for the future. On the plus side, he and his clients are finally finding out which meetings could have been emails which is great! Sounds like Zach has been fortunate enough to stay busy during this time and props to him! It’s refreshing to hear not everyone is struggling right now as we all continue to root for each other!  Our graphic designer has basically been on speed dial as we’ve been launching new advertisements for the Lone Tree Location and creating some pretty sweet interior vinyl work. 

Although Zach’s demand for business hasn’t been affected much, he has had to make some changes to fit into the new normal. He normally easily gets wrapped up in his work and spins a deadline more than it needs to be but has to remind himself that this pandemic has shifted our collective. He tries not to sweat the small stuff as much anymore but continues to work hard. We have a similar mind set at Creative Density right now.  We like to refer to this time as Pandemic Time, as we try our best to be accommodating, flexible, and lower the bar a bit for expectations. Zach says that this has forced him to be more flexible than ever when it comes to pricing, timing, and teamwork. He’s currently in discussions with clients about doing 1:1 trade project instead of exchanging money. He says, We both want to be working, we’re both good at something and there’s a need on both ends. That’s a win in my book and a cool way to stay busy if it makes sense.” Oh yes Zach, that makes perfect sense! When it comes to personal life or work life, it’s essential to adapt in a time like now. As a freelancer, you’ve already had the experience of changing your business approach to meet the needs of your clients as you’ve entirely built your business independently. So, keep doing what you know best as a freelancer. 

On a personal level, Zach shares that quarantine has not changed much of his daily routine as he considers himself an introvert. He still craves human connection and playing video games like Drawful, D&D, and CodeNames with friends & family over Zoom / FaceTime have been helping a lot.  To keep his mind and body in check Zach has been practicing with meditation and headspace, long walks and runs, at home orange theory classes and he’s super thankful it’s not the dead of winter. Aren’t we all! I can’t imagine trying to enjoy these days if the weather was sucky. The best part of my days are going on long walks in the sun with my dog. Oh… and at home orange theory classes!? Zach, are you Super Man? Power to ya, Man. That’s impressive. 

Some sound advice Zach leaves us with which I think all freelancers can resonate with… “Now, more than ever, people (even introverts) need people. That includes you as a freelancer. Be a person first, and a freelancer / business person after that. Relationships are what will get us all though this.” He is totally right. Don’t forget to be a person. Even if you’re working more than usual or less than usual, try to remember who you are and don’t let COVID take that away. Remember which friends and family members keep you in check and talk to them! No one knows you better than your friends. I love getting in deep nostalgic holes with my friends over facetime. It reminds me of the people and things to be grateful for! 

Thank You so Much Zach for sharing with us! We are so happy you continue to work, it’s a breath of fresh air! Reach out to Zack VanCamp if your business needs some graphic reVamping!

Work email zach@vancampdesign.co

Wesbite www.zachvancamp.com

Instagram @vancampdesign.co