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The COVID-19 crisis is causing social distancing to be necessary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play games together, set goals and keep each other accountable, and not ‘hang out.’ The Creative Density Coworking team in Denver, Lone Tree, and Chicago have a regular series of events and challenges that will make this whole thing a little more tolerable.

Being Social through Games

Geogussr starts with a new map at 11 AM every day. You have 24 hours to play the round.

Here’s how it works:

  1. There are five rounds. You are placed someplace random in the world on Google maps. 
  2. Drive around, notice clues, and guess where you are in the world by putting a pin on the map.
  3. We are all dropped in the same five spots. You are judged based on time and accuracy.

Join the Creative Density league and let’s survive the drop.

Staying Motivated and Accountable – We didn’t stop working, just not going in.

Monday mid-day goal at 11 am

Keep yourself accountable with our start of the week check ins. We will not only say Hi, but also use it as a time to state what we are working on and what we are going to get done. It’s all going to be written down, so be prepared to be asked about it later.

Friday Check-Ins at 10 am

You stated your goals, we wrote them down, now it’s time to see if you did it. I bet you did it. 

Virtual Coworking Power Hours

Every day there will be a dedicated Google hangout for people to participate in. You can join, go on mute, and just be with us. If people want to chime and ask questions, do that too. It’s a time to just cowork with others as we usually do, but online.

Food Perfection! Perfect a new dish now, and share with us when it’s safe.

Potlucks are a big part of the Creative Density culture. Now is the time to work hard on a new dish, tell us what you are working and how it’s going (pics please!) in Slack, and when the time is right we will all come together for a marvelous potluck of perfect dishes. 

I’m personally working on an Olive Fougasse bread dish.