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A Workspace Revolution is Happening

We won’t let you get left behind.

3 to 5x Profit

Compared to Long-Term Leases

49.5% Annual Growth

Growing from 1,130 in 2011 to 18,900 in 2018.

Community Focus

Responding to natural human desires and trends in small business and remote working.

Coworking is more than Desks

People join and are willing to pay a premium for a community, a connection, and to be inspired. By partnering with Creative Density you’ll start your coworking business with over 9 years of coworking operating experience, an established trusted brand, and a process to launch and operate your space.

Build it and they will come is a refrain for failure in coworking.

“Now that I can work anywhere. It’s a bigger decision of who and where I want to feel inspired, find friends, and be productive.”

Sam R. 

Activate Your Space

Join the Powered By Creative Density network

Partner with 10 years of ownership and experience consulting on over 30 coworking projects.

Step 1


Does your property and location  make for a good coworking space?

Step 2

6 month

Floor plan, furniture, website, marketing, community building, operations, staffing, etc.

Step 3

& Grow

Staff training, software, launch event, and on-going consultation and support.

Step 4


We both benefit by growing a successful coworking space.
5% revenue share on more spaces.

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Our Mission

Authentic Coworking in Every City

Since starting Creative Density in 2011 it has been a community for workers of the modern economy. From remote workers moving arriving to their new city, encouraging and supporting new freelance careers, to being a place where friends meet that share a passion. An authentic coworking community drives economic development, creates connections, and increases property values.

We partner with property owners that share the same values and want to bring authentic coworking to their city.

“Coworking allows people to live where they want to live, but work for companies beyond their commute. It’s a catalyst for cities, for property owners, and for the community.”

Craig Baute 

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