Coworking at Creative Density has always been about the community. Yes, we are a wonderful place to work with amazing people every day. We are also blessed to have jobs, not sleep in cars, and not worry about where our next meal today or next month is going to come from. That’s why we have the tradition of adopting a family in need every Christmas through a local Denver non-profit.

A Family of 5!
This year we have selected a family of five made up of two parents and three kids. The three awesome kids are aged 8, 6, and 3, so there are a variety of new toys and clothes to shop for that range from a Dinosaur Figure with a Play Mat to plush puppy toys. The parents are asking for the more practical day-to-day items that everyone needs, including some new work jeans and pullover hoodies.

Continuing a Tradition of Community
We view coworking as a new community center so we are following a tradition that libraries and churches across the world have done, and we hang the 33 requested gifts as ornaments on the tree for you to grab. When you do, please put your name on the printed out master list to track the gifts. You’ll find the bright Christmas tree in the coworking entry.

You don’t need to be part of Creative Density Coworking to participate, in fact about a fifth of our gifts still come from past members and people that have just toured the space.

Ending with a Celebration on December 11
This one of Creative Density’s proudest traditions and it reaches beyond our walls. We are celebrating this tradition by having our holiday pot-luck and cookie exchange on December 11th, the day we need to drop off the gifts.