A big part of coworking comes along with networking and forming relationships with coworkers that you wouldn’t normally get to converse with in a conventional office setting with many closed doors. At Creative Density, you’ll be surprised by how much just a 15 minute conversation with someone outside of work will get you thinking more creatively and have your mind brainstorm new approaches to problems. Shoot, a group of Creative Density members started a small car rental fleet in 2019 from after some random conversations and spreadsheet work.

We provide a safe and charismatic environment allowing people to find their commonalities over monthly potlucks and beer clanks. But when you’re not coworking and maybe new to town or just need something to do to spice up your routine, Denver has many fun groups to join to expand your friend group.

If you’re new to South Denver and don’t make it downtown too often but are still looking for a solid group to join, this grough right here is it! Whether you’re new to Denver or a Native, this is a friendly and welcoming group looking to have a great time together. Their events include happy hours, trying new restaurants, game nights, hiking, seasonal events and outdoor activities. They are always looking for new event suggestions, so if you are trying to live out your favorite childhood club, I’m sure these groups of people are totally down!

Welcoming all software architects or aspiring to be architects to join them every second wednesday of the month to discuss topics related to software architecture topics. They also put on On Demand meetups to deep dive into new or interesting developments into software architecture.

The Denver Press Club is the first of our nation founded in 1867 to support journalism and journalists in colorado. It serves as not just the center for our journalistic endeavors,  hosts speakers, gives out scholarships, puts on events and workshops  but also is a home for parties and events. The space looks like a good time and gives off secret society vibes! If you’re looking to join a fun group and share journalism interests, this group can’t go wrong.
Are you an Optimist? Yes. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of the youth in Denver? Yes. Then join this awesome group based in south Denver. They have Friday morning meetings full of good humor and camaraderie. Take opportunity in the new social and business relationships formed with people in their community as you get satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others.