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Since 2009 Craig Baute and the coworking team have started over 5 coworking locations and have consulted on over 47 other locations throughout North America and Asia. There experience has gained them a unique perspective as operators but also as expert market researcher helping property owners, economic development groups, banks, and future entrepreneurs gain insight into the coworking industry.

Market Feasibility Studies

We evaluate your location and property based on market research of over 47 locations we have worked on including demographics,  worker profiles neighborhood culture, and the type of space.

Business Modeling and Coworking ‘Type’

Based on over 20 indications we create three layouts and business models to help determine which form of coworking works best for your goals, the property, and community. We provide revenue projections for up to two years.

and Staff Training

With over 10 years of operating experience and helping dozens of spaces open we set up the procedures, software, and staff training for your new coworking to have an efficient  operation from the website to day to day operations.


(you’re curious and we’re not hiding anything)

An open and honest 90-minute conversation about your idea or property is $500. This is a great place to start.

If you want a  feasibility study and business modeling projection, then most prices range from $2500 without a site visit to $8,000 with a site visits.

Coworking Case Studies

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Our Thoughts on the Coworking Industry

Coworking Industry Trends, Business Operations, and Building a Community

Coworking vs. Office Space: What’s the Right Mix?

Coworking vs. Office Space: What’s the Right Mix?

When the coworking industry started in in the mid-2000s, most coworking owners were against creating closed-off offices in their spaces. Offices were perceived as ‘the man’ creeping into our chaotic perfect world of open and collaborative coworking...

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Why People Choose Creative Density Consulting

“Craig provided insight that only comes from someone that owned and operated a space for so many years. ”
Rick F.
Coworking Entrepreneur
“Their research in demographics helped us understand how many offices we should have versus open coworking. It had a direct effect on how we planned the space before the loan and build out.”
Mark A.
Property Owner

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