Denver, Colorado

The Project: Starting a Coworking Space

In 2011, Craig was surveying five cities in the US to determine which space would be best for a new coworking space in the young industry. After several months, surveys, real estate tours Denver was selected and a space was opened.

Client: Entrepreneur


The Process

Understanding Local Population

We performed demographic research and conducted online surveys with over 70 partcipants to determine the best neighborhood.

Pre-Building Community and Marketing

We held work day meetups for freelancers and remote workers that were interested in coworking before the space openned. We developed an online marketing strategy and automatic emails to keep people engaged before open.

Business Modeling

We examined the floor plan to design three different layouts and project potential revenue and startup expenses of each layout.

The Final Outcome

Creative Density was started in 2011 as the second coworking space in Denver. It has expanded twice and continues to be an active community attracting remote workers and freelancers.