We are very excited to announce that Creative Density will be offering classes by top-notch and vetted instructors in the areas of design, business, and technology. Under the banner of Creative Density University (CDU) the courses are carefully selected to help modern professionals become well-rounded team members that have to wear many hats as an independent or working in a creative agency. The new course offerings is an important addition to Creative Density’s goal of becoming a hub of ideas for Denver with coworking during the day and inspiring courses in the evening.

Affordable and Accessible
In designing CDU we wanted to make it affordable and accessible to as many people as possible while being able to attract quality instructors. After many conversations with professors, lawyers, and successful entrepreneurs we designed a model [blockquote align=”right”]Designed to be affordable while attracting quality instructors.[/blockquote]

based around simplicity called 30/90. For only $30 and in 90 minutes a student will be in an intimate classroom of 15 or less and learn a skill ranging from CSS to project management.  This will allow for busy professionals to take the courses without disrupting their work or family life at an affordable price point.

Quality Instructors
Everyone is not an expert. We all have learned this by going to Meetups that are inconsistent in quality or going to presentations that end being a sales pitch. All of CDU’s instructors are vetted and admired individuals in their field. At launch the courses will be taught by CU-Boulder professors of entrepreneurship, lawyers, members of Automattic (creators of WordPress), and local entrepreneurs that have proven their skill in the competitive marketplace. The quality of the instructors that have aligned with CDU is one of the most exciting parts about this launch and have set a very high bar for future classes.

It all starts on May 8th.
On May 8th we are launching with a very popular topic and intelligent instructor, Designing for WordPress by Kevin Conboy. In the following weeks students will be able to learn about SEO at an advanced and intermediate level, trends in UX design, the legal landscape of starting a business, how to pitch to investors, and about understanding the sales process.  Throughout the summer more classes will be added and longer form of classes will be experimented based on feedback from the students and the Denver community.

We are very excited and looking forward to working with all of the startups, freelancers, and businesses in Denver to make Creative Density the hub of ideas that we envisioned one year. The launch of Creative Density Univeristy is a big step and we look forward to meeting you at one of the upcoming courses.

If you have any questions about CDU, would like to purchase bulk team credits for your business, or have a topic suggestion please contact Craig.

[info_box_1 title=”May Classes”]
May 8th: Designing for WordPress
May 10: SEO: Beyond the Basics
May 15: What’s Hot Now: Top 5 trends in UX Design
May 16: Content Marketing Strategy
May 17: Law for Small Businesses
May 22: Perfecting the Pitch: What Every Investor Wants to See
May 24: CSS Frameworking
May 29: How to Really Use LinkedIn
May 31:Creativity in the Workspace