New offices becoming available in Uptown and Capitol Hill

We have two offices becoming available in our main campus in Uptown. They are good small team offices for people from one to four people and they rent for $750 to $850 a month. The best part of claiming one of these offices for your Denver team is that they are part...

Creative Density launches on DeskPass

We are excited to announce that Craig Baute, Creative Density’s owner, has helped launch a new coworking passport in Colorado called DeskPass. It’s a new mobile coworking membership for people that are coworking curious or need to be able to access spaces all around...
A Guide to our Favorite Lunch Spots in Uptown

A Guide to our Favorite Lunch Spots in Uptown

TGIF. Friday lunch is our favorite time of the week at the Creative Density community.   Friday lunch time is so great because it’s a time for new members to get to know each other. It has literally been the foundation of our community over the last several...
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