We compare coworking to the home office and cafe.

Coworking is about uniting a group of amazing and smart mobile workers under one roof to escape the isolation and distractions of working from home, coffee house, or the library. Here are how the spaces compare. [table id=1 /]

Confluence.com features Creative Density and Denver Coworks.

 This article was originally posted on Conlfuence-Denver and written by Ivy Hughes. Denver is one of only five cities with a coworking coalition designed to promote its plethora of coworking spaces while also creating a vast coworking community. In December, Denver...

Lawyer recommend coworking at Creative Density

This past week Joel Jacobson, a lawyer and Creative Density member, wrote a blog post about coworking  and how it can be a valuable option for lawyers and their new business clients. The original post was published on the Colorado Bar Associations website. Coworking:...