Confluence DenverThis article was originally posted on Conlfuence-Denver and written by Ivy Hughes.

Denver is one of only five cities with a coworking coalition designed to promote its plethora of coworking spaces while also creating a vast coworking community. In December, Denver joined Seattle, Toronto, Boulder and Austin in its efforts to foster a tight group of freelancers via a coworking coalition.

Within the last couple of years, Denver startups have done a remarkable job of creating a sense of community. But what about coworking spaces? We know they exist, but how are they existing in terms of community collaboration?In December, the creators of four of the city’s many coworking spaces formed Denver Coworks, a group of coworking spaces that works together to promote and support the city’s coworking spaces.

Craig Baute's image from Confluence“We’re finally coming around to the realization that we’re stronger together,” says Craig Baute, owner of Denver’s Creative Density workspace. “If we work together we can grow the pie.”

So far, Creative Density, Green SpacesThe Desk and Shift Workspaces are involved in the Denver Coworks with interest from other coworking spaces, such as ThriveUncubed and Galvanize. Denver Coworks is one of only five such organizations in the country. Similar organizations exist in Boulder, Austin, Toronto and Seattle.

Denver Coworks is working on a marketing plan for Denver’s coworking spaces and will create events to bring the coworking community together.

“There’s a big freelance community that will come together and teach people how companies are using coworking spaces,” Baute says. “We want to integrate the community so they can be exposed to the other talent out there.”

In mid-May, Denver Coworks will host Coworking Week, which will feature panel discussions, events and an education series designed to help coworking me members and owners. A kickball team is also in the works.

“Everyone thinks we’re a coalition of startups,” Baute says. “But we’re really a coalition of freelancers.”

While the website www.Denvercoworks.com is in the works, Baute and other collaborators are happy to answer questions. For more information, contact Baute via email or Creative Density on Twitter.