Pivot Guild brings Entrepreneurship Classes to Creative Density.

We are excited to finally announce a special partnership that will bring entrepreneurship and business skills classes to Creative Density. Pivot Guild, based in Boulder, is expanding into Denver after successfully training thousands of professionals throughout the...
A brief history of coworking

A brief history of coworking

How coworking got started: The Timeline The tide is coming in. As DeskMag found in its most recent Global Coworking Survey, the amount of coworkers has surpassed 1.1 million worldwide. As the coworking world embraces the flood, a question remains:  Where has this...

Denver Coworking Week Kicks Off Here on May 6th

When: May 6 to 11Who: Remote workers, independents, startupsWhy: Coworking is awesome, and we want everyone to know it.RSVP: Here [spacer size=”10″] The city wide coworking coalition, Denver Coworks, is inviting all to discover the amazing perks of getting...
8 Steps We're Taking to Provide a Clean and Safe Workspace Learn More
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