Member Minute: Sarah Protzman Howlett

Creative Density’s latest Member Minute is with Sarah Protzman Howlett. Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor for a variety of publications throughout the West. You can learn about her at www.SarahHowlett.com Black Dove Studio produced this Member Minute....

Help a Coworker: A Show & Tell

Help a Coworker is a new show and tell series that is intended for members to display a current project they are working on and get instant feedback on it. This could be a website design that you struggling with, a blog post that isn’t coming together just right, an...

Member Minute: Craig Baute

Craig Baute is the founder of Creative Density Coworking in Denver. He is also a market researcher and studies international markets. You can stop by Creative Density any time to chit-chat.

Member Minute: Graham Johnstone

Graham Johnstone is a videographer and audio guy for Black Dove Studio and specializes in business profile and commercials. Watch the video to learn how he uses video to help business interact with customers and where it he sees its uses in the future.

Top 5 coworking articles in October

October wasn’t a scary month for coworking. Here are my top 5 coworking articles written in October from members of the coworking movement across the world. Coworking at public libraries – PC World The public library is changing with the digitization of...