October wasn’t a scary month for coworking. Here are my top 5 coworking articles written in October from members of the coworking movement across the world.

  1. Coworking at public libraries – PC World

The public library is changing with the digitization of information and have long been a haven for workers looking for a quiet place to focus. So it makes sense that libraries are learning from the coworking movement to adapt to the new needs of citizens. A key suggestions was for libraries to offer reserved space for coworkers in exchange for donated time.

  1. Working in the UnOffice: The lonely plant of coworking books. – The Next Web

The UnOffice is a new guide book for small businesses and indie workers interested in learning more about coworking. There are now several books that follow this theme but this book’s real value is in the longer form interviews conducted by the author that dive deeper into the values of coworking. Check it out.

  1. Why a coworking space is important to a local economy. – Cohere

Cohere always puts out great articles about freelancing or coworking, and this post is especially timely in the current economic time. I recommend you go and check out, but here are two of the highlights.

  1. Keeps talent in town
  2. Supports small business
  1. Coworking provides a haven for rural entrepreneurs. – Shareable

Coworking has been growing in major metropolitan centers throughout the world but coworking hasn’t made many inroads into cities less than 100,000 people. This Shareable article tells the stories of how small towns are bringing coworking to quaint downtowns.

  1. Coworking Gets Political Power – DeskMag

PIRATES! A coworking space owner in Berlin was one of the 15 new members of Parliament representing the Pirate Party. Sadly, being a member of the political system and trying to create change is a full time job and the coworking space will be closed.