This post was written by Craig Baute, the owner of Creative Density in downtown Denver.

Working from Home Starts Off Great

Being bored and distracted while working from home or the coffee house isn’t isolated to freelancers and startups; rumor has it that telecommuters get it too. Escaping the corporate headquarters’ cube farm and the endless meetings to telecommuting from home sounds like the perfect solution when it first comes up. However, after a few weeks of getting up, making coffee, and then heading over to the spare bedroom to work the distractions of The Ellen Show, the Xbox, and laundry start to fill out your day while work assignments keep piling up. Not to mention the fact you’re only talking to your dog and clients over the phone and not meeting new smart and pretty amazing people during the day. Why isn’t telecommuting as awesome as first imagined?

Be with Friendly People that Aren’t Your Bosses.

At Creative Density, we have telecommuter/remote workers mixed in with freelancers and startups. You might even recognize some of the people from your local coffee shops in the afternoon tapping away at their laptop and dealing with slow Wifi just to get out of the house. Coworking provides the same cafe atmosphere, but with a larger workspace, strong Wifi, a conference room, and…well…people. People to talk to, ask questions of, to brainstorm with, and to have a beer with after a long day of work. You know, people that will become friends and valuable professional connections, friendly people that help you stay focused and motivated while you hammer out a 60 page report.

Coworking: Happy Workers Make Business Happy

Coworking is all about the people. It’s being around people and having people of different skills to ask questions and be motivated by that help workers be more productive and creative. If you run into a problem on Excel or want an opinion on a website design then you can just turn around and ask someone. ‘Coworkers’ learn new skills from each other and can solve daily routine problems quicker by asking for assistance from the people they are working besides compared to being isolated at home and waiting for an email reply from a business colleague. By coworking the worker is better at their job and the managers back at HQ love happy and productive workers. In fact, business often pay for coworking memberships that range from $75 to $350 per month.

So if you are a telecommuter, a traveling business person, or a manager with a sea of remote workers than consider checking out your local coworking space. Creative Density is based in downtown Denver but you can find spaces throughout the world at Loosecubes or Deskwanted.

For more information about Creative Density or for a free day pass contact Craig Baute.

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