Coworking Space Ship lands in Denver

Mini-conference explores booming global coworking movement

Denver, (March 5, 2012) –Not long ago, the word “coworking” was still unknown to most people. Today it needs little explanation. That’s because the number of coworking spaces around the world has exploded, attracting tens of thousands of independent workers who are looking for a collaborative place to do their jobs.

The dramatic growth of the coworking movement worldwide will be the topic of discussion at a mini-conference in Denver on March 13. The mini-conference, called the Coworking Space Ship, is organized by the coworking websites Deskwanted and Deskmag, along with the Creative Density, a dynamic Denver collaborative workspace.

The evening will feature talks from experts on the global collaborative work scene, as well as discussion about exciting developments within Colorado’s independent work movement, including a panel discussion with Craig Baute of Creative Density, John Wilker of Uncubed, Jennie Nevin of Green Spaces, and Jeff Donaldson of Scrib.

The coworking movement has been developing rapidly across the planet. The number of coworking spaces has been doubling worldwide since 2005, reaching 1300 last month, according to Deskmag’s Global Coworking Survey. Part of the driving force is no doubt the over 300,000,000 mobile workers worldwide, according to Foresster Research.

Carsten Foertsch, co-founder of Dskmag & Deskwanted will lead talks at the event, including an in-depth analysis of the Global Coworking Survey, the biggest and most detailed study of the trend. The survey contains lots of interesting facts about coworkers. For example, the survey found 38% of coworkers increase their income and 83% increase their productivity simply by moving from an isolated home office to a collaborative environment.

As well as global coworking issues, the event will consider issues important to the vibrant Denver collaborative work scene. Creative Density and other spaces would like to strengthen the local collaborative community by encouraging more interaction between the different coworking spaces. This event will be held in an unconference style, to ensure that all voices have a chance to be heard equally.

“It’s exciting that the number of coworkers in Denver has doubled in the past year. Coworking is changing the way people work by building a community of inspiration and support for Denver’s entrepreneurs and remote workers. It is one of many elements making Denver a vibrant place for entrepreneurs.”  Craig Baute of Creative Density

Denver is just one of ten cities that will be visited by the Coworking Space Ship, which is a traveling roadshow moving across the country.

“Deskwanted and Deskmag are absolutely ecstatic about the Coworking Space Ship tour. The energy behind the coworking movement is palpable. We are glad to be able to facilitate these meet-ups and support growth in collaborative working where we can.” said Julianne Becker, Deskmag/Deskwanted Community Manager.

The event is a chance to meet up with coworking enthusiasts and connect with the coworking community in Colorado. Attendance is free, but registration is required via

Notes to the editor:

The Coworking Space Ship is being organized by Deskwanted, an online portal for collaborative workspaces worldwide. Deskwanted also produces Deskmag, the leading online news source about coworking. Both websites are based in Berlin, Germany, one of the world’s leading hubs of coworking.

Event: Coworking Space Ship (mini-conference, meet-up)

Date:  Tuesday 13 March, 7-10pm

Programme: 7-9pm presentations and unconference 9-10pm drinks

Venue: Creative Density, 1719 Emerson St., Denver, CO 80218

Cost: Free with registration



Julianne Becker

Community Manager, Deskwanted and Deskmag

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Craig Baute
Creative Density