Since coworking is a global movement there is a group of coworker lovers writing about it from Germany to Australia. I have plucked my top five favorite coworking articles that were pushed out onto the internet in August.

Coworking Core Values 4 of 5: Community Dangerously Awesome

Alex Hillman of Indy Hall shared his thoughts on the Core Values of Coworking this month with an essay for each one. His community  post emphasis the importance of people, culture, and making space decisions with members input. He also describes how each community is different and shouldn’t be replicated but responsive to the needs of the members, and that a coworking space is a tool that can be used to form its unique community.

‘At Indy Hall, every decision we make considers members and their opportunities to interact with one another.’

‘The coworking space is a tool.’

Coworking Turns 6 Coworking Blog

Coworking is still a young concept that is evolving but has shown to be a powerful force in changing the way people work. In celebration of the 6 year anniversary of Brad Neuberg’s Hat Factory opening The Coworking Blog published a short write up on the history of coworking, what it is, and how the movement is moving forward.

‘Traditionally, society forces us to choose between working at home for ourselves or working at an office for a company. If we work at a traditional 9 to 5 company job, we get community and structure, but lose freedom and the ability to control our own lives. If we work for ourselves at home, we gain independence but suffer loneliness and bad habits from not being surrounded by a work community.’

How to transition from solo working to coworking Gigaom

If you are a mobile professional and curious about coworking than this a great article to help prepare yourself from moving to the isolated solo realm to the coworking world. The article basically tells the potential new coworker to first try out the space, get to know a few of the members, and learn the house rules.  I would like to add – bring headphones, make your first visit a day you woke up on the right side of the bed, and have work to do. Community managers should also be good a host and be the first drop of oil that gets relationships going.

‘Introduce yourself straightaway. As it can be awkward to do so later when you’ve been working alongside people for a while. Take in some snacks to hand round if you’re a bit shy about doing this and not only will you get to meet everybody but you’ll be guaranteed instant popularity.’

Enthusiast, Pragmatist, or Realist: Which type of coworker are you? Desk Mag

Our friends in Germany behind DeskMag put out another great article profiling coworkers. The article is based on a study by some college students that interviewed coworkers throughout Deutschland in order to identify traits among people using coworking spaces. As the title suggests, they broke it down to three categories of the coworking enthusiast, pragmatist, and realist. Check it out and try and figure out which coworker you are.

‘Simple exchanging works fine, but cooperations between two parties, who share the same common goals, happen less often than they would like.’

Pop-Up Coworking: A Way To Work Anywhere Shareable

The coworking world is getting creative in promoting the movement by creating quick flashes of coworking joy through pop-up work spaces. Turnstone/Steelcase transformed a tour bus to a mobile workstation for freelancers at SXSW, Cohere members leave their coworking space to start coworking in coffee shops, and some just take over a library table with a sign asking people to work with them. There are some great videos and pictures in the article so make sure to click on through.

‘These temporary work spaces generate buzz for the coworking movement, encourage collaboration between creative thinkers, provide a place to catch up on emails during a large event, and allow growing coworking spaces to manage member overflow until they can find a larger facility.’