Grilling at Creative Density Coworking

Creative Density has been around for over five years and our focus has always remained the same; to be a friendly community and productive space for remote workers and freelancers in Denver. It sounds so simple but it takes intention. Here is how we stay the best coworking community for nomadic workers.

We started with a friendly and smart group of coworkers. It set the tone that has lasted years.

On Day 1 we had friendly people coworking here. Designers, developers, creatives, project managers, translators that made the place a welcoming and outgoing place. This core group attracted other welcoming people that are excited to make coffee in the morning for everyone, chat about their favorite new dinner spots, and help each other out. If people are just looking for a space to put their headphones on and not say ‘hey’ then they might be better in a traditional office or a coffee shop.

We’re flexible and we don’t not have too many rules. It’s OUR space.

Are you a bad person reading this blog? I doubt it. Neither are the people that seek out a coworking space, so we don’t have too many rules. We trust people and it really makes working here a space that fits around you. It’s our coworking space so everyone can come and go as they please, host Meetup groups, park in the spaces on the weekend, and bring in their cool art prints to hang up. Our goal is to get out of the way so you can get work done and have great conversations.

We don’t cram people in.

People join to be in an active environment but they don’t join to play a game of chair roulette or having to schedule specific days to come on in. We will stop membership at some point when it members start to get a feeling of it being too crowded. We don’t define crowded as being every spot filled either. It’s probably when we have around 80% of spots taken in a given day. I like room to breath and I bet everyone else does too.

We reinvest to improve the space based on what the members want.

Every few months we give put up a vote on how we should spend a hundred to a thousand dollars. Last year we voted between a dishwasher, a new TV room, a game console, or a heater for the patio. The TV room and game system with Mario Kart  won out because people wanted a gathering spot to chill for 10 minutes in the winter.  This spring we voted to increase the professional cleaning schedule and get a new coffee maker. This summer we built two new phone booths. All of this was decided based on feedback from the community.

We have friendly gatherings and not networking events

We wouldn’t want to join a space just to have 10 new business cards show up at my desk every week. Ew. We want to have potlucks, help each other with our websites, have a month long tournament of outdoor games, and have a weekly lunch ritual out to restaurants in Uptown. These types of events help people become friends and learn about each other in natural and more impactful way than networking events.

These are five simple elements of Creative Density’s traditional coworking culture that makes it a great place to work. The members have set a tone of openness, friendliness, and collaboration that is hard to find in spaces that open up today. If you are tired of working from home, coffee shop, or another coworking that leaves you longing for more than schedule a free day right now. You’ll be welcome with smiles and candy.