Coworking has been in the media a lot over the course of the last two years or so. The headlines usually explains how young college graduates are getting out of their bunk beds, taking a Lyft, and setting up their laptop at a coworking space. The article might also be a write up about an Uber for car washes is working at a coworking space where the Uber for Ice Cream was founded. They are good stories and we can just assume they represent some piece of reality, but it distorts who really coworks in the coworking spaces across Denver and at Creative Density.  We want to bring some clarity to it all.

Who coworks at Creative Density?

  1. Remote workers, we are about 50% remote workers
    • We are a hub of remote workers and it creates a lot of diversity in the skill set at Creative Density because more jobs can be done remotely today. It’s pretty cool.
  2. Freelancers working for themselves without employees, about 10%
  3. Non-profits that are small teams, about 15%
  4. Startups, about 25%

We can also classify people in another way besides their team size and who gives them a paycheck.

What do you they do?

  1. Writers, 15%
  2. Developers, 23%
  3. Translators, 2%
  4. Designers, 15%
  5. Energy Auditors, 5%
  6. Lawyers, 2%
  7. Event Organizers, 5%
  8. Marketers, 17%
  9. Microsoft consultants, 5%
  10. Other – 11%