Working remotely and being a freelancer are great because of the flexibility it can offer. And being a mobile worker located in Denver we love our flexibility and freedom to take advantage of the city and go for morning runs, go climbing, or linger on a patio with friends for an extra hour after lunch. However, with so many wonderful things to do it can be difficult to stay on track and be focused. Creative Density’s members wanted to find a way to blend our passion for adventure while making sure projects get done.


Freelancers and remote workers can fall behind on projects because no one is holding them directly accountable.


Coworking members volunteer to have weekly meetings to share their goals and last week’s accomplishments.

To tackle this problem members of the coworking community are meeting every Monday morning to share their to-do lists for the week and recap their accomplishments for the previous week. That’s right, you have to say your goals out loud and you’ll be questioned about it in 7 days. We are holding each other accountable so we are focused but not constantly monitored so we can still go tubing on a hot Tuesday afternoon without feeling guilty. 

This is one great example how a coworking community is a support system for mobile workers. Join the coworking movement and try coworking out in Denver out for free.

The skinny:
The Monday Accountability meeting happens at 9:30 am every Monday at Creative Density and is for members only. Bring your to-do lists and a willingness to share.