unconference_11Creative Density and Michael Kilcoyne are teaming up to on a freelancer focused Meetup group that is structured but flexible enough to answer the questions in your work that are causing you unrest or triggering curiosity. It’s our structure that is unique in our new Meetup group that allows us to be focused but loose.


What does that mean? Here is the structure:

There is a speaker already picked for the night that is an expert in a field. It might sales, awesome ways to build a websites, project management, Adobe’s new features.

Step 1(15 minutes)

2 Votes

  • When you walk in you vote on what you want the speaker to directly discuss in his area of expertise. For example, if it’s a sales expert then the votes might be on Emails newsletters, landing pages, sales funnel process and you vote on that.


  • You also vote on a small breakout session topics that interest you that will happen after the speaker.


Step 2 (20 – 30 minutes)

The speaker presents on the voted focused topic.


Step 3 (30 minutes)

Unconference begins with breakout sessions for moderated round table discussions based on the most voted topics. For example, it might to discuss CRM software, portfolio review, best ways to hire someone, apps that help with project management, whatever people vote on.


Step 4 (10 minutes)

Each group presents for 1 to 2 minutes on what they learned.


It’s done. Rock on.


  1. Vote on a specific topic around sales that interests you from a list of 5. (Example: What’s the best way to write a proposal, peer review some recent work, discuss modern logo trends, scaling my company, coding tools that rocked my world, etc.)


  1. 15 to 30 minute speaker relevant to freelancing and entrepreneurship (no promos)


  1. Break out to small group sessions from the top votes groups at the beginning. This is will be an open group moderated from a designated person. 30 minutes.


  1. Each group presents a quick piece of advice from their group so we every learns something from the awesome small group discussions that happened. 10 minutes.