Coworking is a new way of working and creating. It enables mobile professionals and independents to be part of a community that supports and enables creativity and success. In order to do this coworking communities are focused on four main values.

Our Top 4 Values:

  1. Collaboration: We break down the walls and the isolation of working from home. Your fellow coworkers are smart and don’t smell that bad, right? Well why not brainstorm together, ask questions, and maybe work on a few projects together. In fact, 42% of coworkers reported that they made MORE money when they started to cowork.
  2. Community: Going out on your own does not mean you have to be alone. Coworking spaces are about building relationships, learning from others, and laughing together.
  3. Openness: The days of the executive office and tightly held knowledge are the ways of Britanica. Coworking is the wikipedia generation of working and we aren’t shy about. Members are encouraged to offer presentations, work together on projects, and ask for help. So don’t keep that awesome blog post on the new Google Labs Doc app to yourself and share it with everyone.
  4. Sustainability: We all love trees and clean water so let’s reduce and be part of the solution. Coworking is built on sharing resources and reducing the commute in order to keep the environmental impact and cost low. Why should everyone buy a printer or chemical ridden 27 in. monitor when it’s only used 5% of the time?