If you’ve made the decision to freelance, or your job finally gave you permission to work remotely, congratulations! Self-employment and remote work are two of the best ways to find freedom, flexibility, and balance in your work life. There’s nothing better than being able to choose your location and work how you work best.

But working solo can become a drag if you spend all your hours at home. A coworking space like Creative Density is the best way to get the perks of remote work but maintain connection to your greater community. At Creative Density, you’ll be surrounded by supportive, welcoming staff and friendly professionals working remotely just like you.

Did you know that Creative Density is the most popular coworking space in Denver? Newcomers to town and experienced Denver residents alike love us for the following reasons:

  • We’re welcoming and friendly. Every time you enter Creative Density, you’ll be welcome warmly by our cheerful staff. We love working here and helping and supporting you. Our community of staff and fellow freelancers and remote workers are eager to get to know you and develop lasting connections.
  • You’ll connect with a like-minded community. Your workmates at Creative Density have the same goal as you, to get their work done while having fun and making friends. Our community spaces and activities give you numerous opportunities to relax and hang out with your new friends during breaks.
  • Your fun and productivity will increase. Our community plays hard, but it works hard too. Working with like-minded remote workers surrounds you with motivated people working toward their goals. This makes it easier to get work done than in other environments that are full of distractions. Here, part of the fun involves creating a warm, caring work environment that helps you meet your goals.