At Creative Density we love this time of year. The holiday gingerbread cookies (Matt’s favorite), Christmas music (Craig’s favorite), wrapping up final projects, and start looking forward to 2014’s opportunities. We want you to take full advantage of 2014 and join us for coworking with a special 20% discount and last minute business tax savings.

End of 2013 Tax Special ends December 31st!

Sign up for any of the coworking plans and receive 20% off of your entire order, up to 6 months. You must pre-pay for at least two months and complete the purchase form by December 31st so you can save on your tax bill. Simply let us know what type of plan and for how long you want to pre pay. We’ll email you the one-of-a-kind discounted plan via email.

On January 2 you’ll be part of our great community and starting the new year off on the right foot, with amazing coworkers.


New Year Saving Form.

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