Denver is the sort of place that has comfortably rested on the top 5 of best places for entrepreneurs and creatives for years. A community nestled into the groove of powerful mountains, it is an active community that loves the outdoors as much as it loves startups and creating awesome things.


Because of this, the diverse community at Creative Density gets to soak in all these interesting influences on a regular basis. We curious people attend events across the spectrum from technology to history and we have boiled them down to the best, a list of our favorites in Denver.

1. BDNT – New Tech (Technology / Entrepreneurs)

BDNT, originally Boulder Denver New Tech but now has expanded to communities throughout Colorado, is a show and tell of new companies and products being made in Denver. The format is simple with a brief intro of people looking for work and people hiring followed by four 5 minute presentations followed by a Q and A. It happens on the third Thursday of each month and has currently has it’s home at The Commons on Champa.  It’s one of the flagship gatherings to learn about new ideas and see what’s going regarding Denver tech entrepreneurs.

2. One Million Cups (Entrepreneurs )

One Million Cups is another show and tell like BDNT but the companies that present are much broader in scope and can be a simple idea with a business plan behind it looking for feedback or an company open for a few years and attempting a pivot. This is a good event to learn about new food products, online services, non-profits, and so much more that are breaking into Denver.

3. Warm Cookies of the Revolution (Civil Engagement / Philosophy)

Warm Cookies Revolution is a civil engagement group that also provides cookies and usually pies at their meetings. It started about three years ago as a way for people in Denver to discuss city planning, ethics, the role of government in their lives, and to get people to venture into different neighborhoods. It’s a great group to brainstorm solutions that will affect both personal and business halves.

4. Denver Startup Week (Technology / Entrepreneurs)

Each year in mid-September, the Mile High City is home to a flurry of entrepreneurial activity and community programming known as Denver Startup Week (DSW). It’s a time for enthusiastic, impassioned, and emboldened people to gather around  “valuable topics to spark ideas and solutions to improve your skills, product, process, approach, or project.”

The best part? It’s always free. According to DSW, that’s because “Accessibility is of the utmost importance in cultivating a thriving community, which is why DSW will always be a free event. Our generous sponsors support the entrepreneurial ecosystem by underwriting the event, making it accessible for all.

5. Creative Mornings (Design)

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. They often bring in a quality speaker that heads a company or an influential department regarding design that give a 30 minute or so lecture. The group gathering at Creative Mornings is often just as important as the lecturer and an opportunity to meet and share ideas with other creative thinkers in Denver.

6. Active Minds (History / Current Events)

Active Minds was originally designed as an outlet to provide senior’s education but everyone is welcomed. Active Minds covers current political and historical topics with each lecture focusing on a country (Putin’s Russia, What does it mean to be French)  or a particular event that shaped the world or Colorado  (Civil Rights Movement 50 years later, Sandy Creek Massacre). They have several events going on through Denver each week but coworkers usually attend the monthly gathering at Tattered Covered on Colfax at 5:30 once a month. The speakers are very knowledgeable and captivating presenters that are eager to share their knowledge.


If you are new to Denver area or would like to venture out into a new group then I’d also  recommend getting connected with a friendly coworking space and building some creative connections.

Either way, have some fun exploring this lovely city.