Do you love board games? How about a food pot luck? We think they both are awesome ways to get together to show off some cooking skills and engage in some friendly dice contact. On May 12th we had our first Your Turn! Board Game Night and had way too much food, beer, wine, and games to go around. It was awesome and a true sign that coworking is way more than just a place to work but a community.

FYI – the meatballs from Ellen were the first to be completely consumed.

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The Menu:
Green bean Casserole
Spinach Vegan Enchiladas
Chips with guac and salsa
Lentil Curry with rice
Coconut Pie
Penne pasta salad

The Games:
Kings of New York
Settlers of Catan
ABout 5 others I can’t remember


Next month – kickball!


If you are looking to get out of the house and work besides some smart and friendly people then try coworking. We do little things at Creative Density like the board game night were people become friends that help, support, and brainstorm ideas with. Join us.