Coworking is no longer a fringe thing that is only for freelancers and consultants. There are now some exciting new and recognizable names that are joining the coworking movement and finding benefits in working around others.You wanna guess who coworks?

Hint 1: The news website launched in 2007 and is part of a respected organization founded in 1882.

Hint 2: They often provide credibility to Apple rumors by having close ties to Apple executives.

Hint 3: They use famous red/orange chairs to interview people in.

[drum roll to below the fold]


All Things Digital joined SandBox Suites in San Francisco  this past November as they continue to be a leading technology news agency. Instead of working in a large media building as part of Dow Jones/News Corp/ Wall Street Journal, the All Things D team is working a collaborative coworking community with the startups and consultants they cover on a regular basis.

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