It wasn’t too long ago when people went to work in the morning and headed home around 5. It now seems quaint thinking about how people would leave their worries at the office and focus on relaxing with friends or[blockquote align=”right”]71% of coworkers are now more relaxed when they get home.[/blockquote]
family in the evening and having time alone in the mornings. Now associating a place with work and building a barrier separating personal time and relationships is missing with many freelancers and corporate workers and the benefits are often forgotten in our mobile technology centered world. Many freelancers and mobile workers are wanting to have some more time structure to work and relax after being 100% location and time independent for the last decade. They want work/life balance.

The simple notion of going to a place to work to start and end a work day can have a powerful psychological effect on a person. According to a recent survey, over 71% of coworkers said they were more relaxed at home after joining a coworking space and having a new place to work. They get to socialize and talk about work during the day while having a set time to shut off and experience the rest of life. This may also help explain while 61% of cowokers say they are healthier and 60% have better personal lives.

If you are part of a coworking space or still a wandering from the kitchen to work in a spare bedroom, try to take the time to step away from work and spend some time with friends. You’ll be happier, more productive, and your business will grow because of it. If you want to experience coworking and meet some of the awesome people you could be working besides contact Craig and schedule a tour.