I’m a remote worker. It’s often a position that people in offices envy. I get to sleep in late sometimes and no one notices or I can watch TV while sitting on a boring conference call. That’s what people write about. However, what I miss is being able to walk around and chat with someone about last night’s episode of ‘Master Chef Junior’ or ‘The Walking Dead,’I miss happy hour after a completed project or just being able to ask someone to help me plan out a meeting or solve an Excel spreadsheet. It’s the simple silly things I miss.

Master Chef Juinor

Did you see what happened last night?

This all went away when I started coworking. I just showed up at Creative Density around 9:45 and Craig greeted me with a high-five and an offer to start a pot of coffee. Ok….I’m diggin this.

Matt Creative Density

A friendly welcome at Creative Density


People were chatty and the music was switched from Blink 182 Pandora station to something more subtle. The coworking community were also helpful and smiled and said hi. I notcied a bearded guy at the standing table help Craig poke around on a website and fix a CSS problem. Jason walked around and asked if anyone could give him feedback on an app problem while another group chatted about cowork Brady’s latest podcasts.

Even though I was a newbie in my first days of this new way of working I didn’t feel like an outsider. I could easily get wrapped up in conversations or was happy to help someone else out. It’s a nice feeling. I was surprisingly productive. I made friends. I had the warm fuzzies.

I liked being a remote worker but now I love it.

This is a guest post from Rebecca Rhae.