We don’t hide the fact that we are huge fans of the collaborative economy. It’s in our name; co(llaborative)working! Over the last two years we’ve been grabbing more B-cycles as they surrounded us with 3 stations, unlocking nomadic Car2Gos that drift around the city, and talking about Lyft updates for features that will help us when we go out on the weekends. Tall Alex has taken it to another level and bought a Nissan truck and simply rents it out on RelayRides while he travels for business. Why own when we can share?

Car2Go and B-cycle have easily had the most dramatic effect but ZipCar and Hertz CarSharing have filled in other gaps. If ZipCar One comes to Denver you’ll hear a giddy ‘wheeee’ from all of us at Creative Density. Even without ZipCar One, so far it’s been a fun journey trying to find out how to abandon the car while not sacrifice convenience in this new economy. Author of the collaborative economy and former Creative Density member Beth Buczynski would be proud.

Our shift to collaborative transportation:
Bruce lives in East Colfax about 5 miles away from CD and is using the bus and Car2Go. His Toyota Corolla is just a convenience thing but not a vital part of his everyday life anymore.

Craig rides over 50 trips a month on B-Cycle, walks to work, and uses Car2Go to rush off to meetings. His new scooter (the Creative Density Hog) has replaced his car during the summer and his Ford Focus is just a piece of metal that is slowing being eaten away from Michigan rust.

Bryan and Dylan just never bought cars and use their bikes and B-cycles for everything.

Sharon walks everywhere. Her boyfriend was an UberX driver when they first moved here.