Coworking was created by remote workers, contract workers, and freelancers over six years ago. As the years went by the remote and telework crowd (and their managers) continued to fall in love with coworking because the benefits of increased productivity and knowledge sharing that happens when breaking the isolation of the home office. Why? People are naturally social creatures and take advantage of mobile technology to come together in an inspiring environment with energetic folk. In fact, Creative Density’s coworkers are made up of over 50% remote workers that range from developers, lawyers, writers, and project managers.

Companies are often happy to cover the membership costs because of the increased happiness and productivity of workers, and the affordable costs.

‘Now that anyone can work with their laptop, and their phone and the internet, it becomes less of a question of where can I work, and it becomes a question of who do I want to work with and where do I want to spend my time.’

 -Sam Rosen

Why do remote workers love coworking?

*all stats are from a global study from

  • 86% feel less isolated
  • 77% learn more by sharing knowledge with others
  • 75% are more producitive
  • 80% really like the flexible work time of 24/7 hours
  • Separation of work and home life. *not measured but often stated*


Why companies love coworking?

  • Simple and flexible workspace costs compared to having to sign leases. The average desk in a corporate headquarters cost $500.
  • Increased worker productivity with individuals and teams (see above)
  • Streamlined IRS expenses compared to home office expenses
  • Happier employees help employee retention

If you are tired of working alone and want to be be around other smart and friendly people then come on by and check out Creative Density in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood.. The community is amazing.