netflix_2014_logo_detailShared offices in Denver are taking off and shaking up the normal executive suite industry. It’s for good reason. Creative Density 2.0 in downtown was designed to be simple, bright, and friendly which is just the opposite of many other offices are for small businesses.  When we opened up our private offices to small businesses and startups we wanted to make it as simple as signing up for Netflix. We figured that how we’ve done it for coworking for years so why make things more complicated. Here is how we do it:

No Contracts or Leases

We want you to be flexible so everything is month-to-month.

Easy to Understand. Everything is included.

You just pay the stated price and there aren’t any add-ons or hidden fees. This includes furniture, internet, 24/7 access, kitchen, etc.


By joining Creative Density you are joining a community where you will not only be discovered by more people but you will discover and meet a lot of smart and friendly people.

Payments are online and simple

You just make your payments online through a credit card and you get the keys. Our terms of service is actually noticeably easier with 12 bullet points. Basically, be friendly and don’t do anything illegal.

Be Friendly. Have fun.

We love getting to know people, hanging out, and helping each other out. Just as Netflix makes customer service a priority, we do to. We don’t have an Oscar to show for it with awesome original program but we have fun art, bright walls, and a poster of House of Cards.