Podcasting has always been a favorite of the our Denver coworking community. Since we were founded in 2011 we often discussed which new podcasts we were listening to while on our Friday lunches at Steuben’s or Park Burger. Whether it was the highly researched and produced Hardcore History or the more simple daily interview style of Daily Tech News Show we admired them all. Over the years members of the coworking community gradually shifted from listener to host and we built a podcasting studio available to everyone.

The studio can rented for $15 an hour. We also have a $100 a month plan for regular users.

Quickly, we learned that having a place to go is only part of the struggle of launching a podcast. It’s also about storytelling, editing, and marketing. Luckily, we have found a few simple tools that make the editing and marketing much easier for beginner podcasters.

Simple podcasting tools we recommend for Denver’s new hosts:

Anchor.fm – free

Anchor is a darn near a one-stop shop for people that are looking to launch and publish a podcast. They will host your podcast and distribute it out to all of the major apps where people find podcasts, guide you through writing the description and art work, they have recording and editing software, and some basic analytics.

It’s as easy to use as it can get your episodes distributed everywhere.

This is the service we recommend the most for beginners.

Cast (www.tryca.st) – $10 a month

Cast is a true all-in-one solution with recording, editing, and publishing capabilities. The user interface is easy to use and they make it easy to have remote guests. They go the extra mile with show notes and live chats so you manage and structure the show easily.