Podcasts seem to be the latest rage as blogs and Youtube videos become the norm. The community at Creative Density has been well ahead of this trend with some of us listening to podcasts since 2004. I guess we are just cutting edge individuals. This doesn’t mean we have great taste but it does mean we have a lot of opinions on which ones we like. Here is a list of our favorite shows that have made us laugh as a father and his two sons learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, learned from others on how to pitch investors, to deep dives in World War One, and surprising interviews with corrupt cops.

If you won’t to come on by and cowork free for a week with other remote workers and freelancers in Denver then you can just listen to one of these episodes and you’ll have a great conversation starter with someone here.

The Pitch

As expected in a coworking space this is a cliche example. It’s a startup pitch podcast where an individual presents his startup to a round table of potential investors.

Science Vs.

They take popular beliefs or common questions and put it against recent studies and facts.

Reply All

The show for internet and society nerds. This is probably the most loved showed at Creative Density.

99% Invisible

This is a design podcasts that explores influential designs in homes, logos, and systems.

The Adventure Zone 

A father and twsno sons learn D&Ds together. It’s hilarious.


A ex-NPR host explores his own ups and downs of starting a company and later documents other.

Masters of Scale

LInkedIn’s co-founder interviews titans of Silicon Valley including Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandburg.

Fresh Air from NPR

A 30+ year running hour long interview podcasts covering pop culture and politics.

Hardcore History

A University of Colorado graduate explores known and unknown tales from ancient history to WWI in epic storytelling and detail. These episodes/ series are 3 to 20 hours long.

Death, Sex, and Money

An WNYU podcasts exploring topics we don’t like to talk about but should.

Risk! True Tales Boldly Told

People sharing true stories that will shock, disgust, and intrigue you. Start with one of their Best Of episodes.

Intelligence Squared Debates

A live recorded Oxford style debate with topical 4 experts of science, politics, and culture. You’ll be surprise on how little you know and where you’ll end up after 45 minutes.

Modern Love

The host interviews couples and individuals and therapists on romance and relationships in today’s society and how it’s changed.

Revisionist History

Malcum Gladwell revisits an event in recent history that explains society in a new way.

Trail Blazers

Do you think this was decade was disruptive? Walter Issacson explains industry disruptions with a historical perspective.