Top 6 signs you should be coworking*
  1. You’ve gotten in a fight over an electrical plug at Starbucks/Illegal Grounds/ Dazbog. Creative Density has failed you if you find your battery taking it’s last breath of amps and there isn’t a plug in sight. There are plugs throughout the place and extension cables in case you find an unserved nook.
  2. The only conversations you have all day are with clients, your dog, and shouting out numbers to ‘The Price is Right’ (which you have gotten way too good at). Being a freelancer or working remotely doesn’t mean you have to work alone in seclusion at your home office or the coffee house. Coworking is a community of smart and friendly people that you’ll be able to ask questions, work on projects with, pass around ‘the world’s greatest blog’ to, and go to lunch with.
  3. 2-year cell phone contracts freak you out. No this probably isn’t normal, but maybe you hate long-term commitment (please ignore this my certain lovely). Coworking communities are month-to-month without lease terms or contracts to sign. Although, you will probably like everyone your working with so you’ll never want to leave.
  4. Networking events fill up two night of your week and you’re now on dozens of newsletters that you never signed up for. We’re a little corny at Creative Density and say that you don’t build networks, you build friendships. Awwwww. When joining a coworking community you suddenly meet a group of awesome poeple that are interested in YOU and what you’re doing. Everyone gets to know each other in normal ways (friendly banter, coffee breaks, etc.) and not the business card shuffle.
  5. You meet with clients in your kitchen and offer them last nights leftovers. Meeting with clients and looking professional as a freelancer or small business can be a struggle when working from home or relying on coffee shops to be your work station. All coworkers can meet clients in the conference room with a projector, large white boards, and other office goodies.
  6. You’re not good at everything and are willing to admit that. Coworking is a community of ambitious developers, designers, writers, and business consultants (aka awesome people). Everyone here is willing to help each other out and we have an incredible range of skills to share with each other. You’ll learn a lot of big things and a ton of little things that will make you a well-rounded world citizen.
*What signs have you seen? Put your suggestions in the comments below.