Creative Density was recently announced to be a top 10 coworking space for travelers and remote workers in Denver by Travel Magazine. It’s nice to be recognized by national publications about what we are doing, but the best thing is that it helps our awesome coworking community get discovered by other remote workers and freelancers in Denver.

Creative Density is unique in that it’s mostly made up of friendly people that recently moved to Denver, kept their job, and started working from home or coffee shops. After they do that for a month or two, they realize they need something different so they are more productive and actually get to meet new people. That’s exactly why Creative Density is here. Unlike other coworking and office spaces in Denver, we’re focused on you – the individual – and not serving up boring offices that pretend to have a community. We are a place where people can discuss ski plans, go out to lunch together, and help each other out in Excel or Python when they get stuck.

We’re a coworking space where friends are helping friends.

We not only create a great community (Follow us on Instagram) and space for you, but we also have the tools to help you be more productive. We are the only coworking space in Denver that has free monitors for people. We also don’t just throw people on a shared sofa and call it coworking, but we have ergonomic chairs, great coffee from Queen City Collective, and a rotating beer keg. Plus, yard games for whenever you need a break.

We excited to be selected one of Denver’s top coworking spaces by Travel Magazine. I hope you come on by and see why.

Creative Density Coworking has locations in Denver’s Uptown and Capitol Hill neighborhood, Lone Tree, and Chicago. All locations have coworking and offices for rent.