‘I just moved here and thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house’

– basically said from 3/4 of our community

Creative Density has always been made up of remote workers and freelancers but for a long time I’ve noticed there is another thing that connects most of us; we moved and started coworking within 6 months of moving to Denver.  So if you are reading this I’ll assuming there is a good chance you are new to the neighborhood – Welcome to Denver.

Creative Density Christmas Dodgeball Team

Creative Density Christmas Dodgeball Team

This probably isn’t a coincidence that we are all migrants because I moved to Denver to start Creative Density. I didn’t know anyone but had a group of people that wanted to part of a fun and friendly coworking space. Since I was new I loved getting to know people and reached out to many others that were new to the area as well. I think my ‘hey I’m new to Denver’ attitude got the ball rolling and our coworking community became known as the friendly place where people that don’t know you will chat it up, invite you out to Friday lunch, and play you in a game of washers. We also know the neighborhoods from a novice point of view and have helped dozens of people figure out where to move or set expectations for apartment buildings. You can tell that we love to have these conversations and help each other out between conference calls.

This open door and welcoming attitude for recently relocated people also explains why we are mostly remote workers. People move here but that doesn’t mean they give up their job. Their companies often pay for the membership knowing that it will make them happier and less likely to quit.

I personally like to think joining Creative Density or any super friendly and engaging community can be one of the top 3 best decisions a person can make when moving to Denver.