Bringing Mobile Professionals Together

Coworking Communities provide a space for mobile professionals to work together. Coworking is proving that independent professionals do better together in a community rather working alone. The physical density of people and lack of barriers creates a collaborative environment where people can focus on their work independently but also share experiences and work together.

What if you could blend the benefits of working from home, the coffee house, and the corporate office?

  • Flexible workspace
  • Community of brainstorming buddies
  • Open concept offices so you can feed off the energy and build relationships
  • Organized events to learn about design, business trends, and the next ‘big idea’
  • Amazing coffee, printing, and other essential office requirements – besides awesome people to be around.
  • All with plans that will range from $75 to $300 (based on your need, of course)

According to a the Global Coworking Survey:

  • 42% of coworkers reported an increase in revenue, only 5% saw a decline
  • 85% were more motivated
  • 88% have better interaction with people
  • 60% said they are more relaxed at home now
  • 57% work more teams for projects

A few examples of coworking spots:

betahaus | office 3.OG